Ragtime Ramblers Dixieland Jazz Band
Ragtime Ramblers
Ragtime Ramblers Contemporary Dixieland Jazz Band

Q: What are some of the places the Ragtime Ramblers perform at?

A: The Ramblers are favorites at jazz festivals, community festivals and outdoor celebrations of all kinds. Other events that are ideal for the Ragtime Ramblers include strolling music for country club parties and BBQs, events where New Orleans and Mardi Gras music is appropriate, corporate ice cream socials and concerts, private parties such as anniversaries, birthday celebrations, as unique cocktail or dinner music for weddings, walkaround music for political rallies and music for charity fundraisers, at restaurants and clubs where patriotic, Chicago or New Orleans style jazz music fits the theme, picnic and parade music and more.

Q: How many musicians are in The Ragtime Ramblers? What are some of the instrument combinations?

A: The Ramblers typically go out anywhere from a trio (3-piece group) to a 6 or 7 piece group. The Ragtime Ramblers trio instrumentation consists of banjo, clarinet or trumpet, and tuba or upright stringed bass. A quartet, commonly used for parade floats, would be comprised of banjo, clarinet and trumpet and tuba or upright bass. A quintet (5-piece) adds a trombone to the group. For the standard 6-piece concert group, the instrumentation is banjo, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, drums and tuba or upright bass.

Q: Do the Ragtime Ramblers travel?

A: Yes, the Ramblers do travel and will incorporate those costs into a reasonably priced package. We’re always looking for ways to save our clients money while providing the best in Dixieland Jazz music. All members of the band have performed throughout North America and internationally at concerts, clubs and festivals.

Q: What about pricing for The Ragtime Ramblers?

A: Ragtime Ramblers leader Dave Ivaz takes pride in helping clients meet their budgets. Dave Ivaz Music is known for outstanding entertainment at an affordable price. For complete demo packages, pricing and availability information please contact Dave Ivaz.

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